Scissor Sisters
Scissor Sisters was created with doll-like models as inspiration, using a pastel colour palette and bespoke wigs designed and coloured by Vicki Lord to complement the bold and fun theme of the shoot.
Such fashion shoots often draw inspiration from various sources, and in this case, it seems like the idea was to evoke a whimsical and playful atmosphere reminiscent of dolls, using models with exaggerated features and pastel colours to create a surreal and eye-catching visual effect.
Bespoke wigs, which are custom-made and tailored specifically for the shoot, would have allowed for creative freedom in achieving the desired look for the models, perfectly matching the pastel colour scheme and enhancing the overall concept of the shoot.


Hair: Vicki Lord
Photographer: Dawn Marie Jones
MUA: Anne Marie Simak
PR|Mentor: Jordan Martin