This collection is based on my personal journey of learning about love and understanding my sexuality.

The cages in the first three styles represent the encapsulation of self when we are bound by expectation, unable to express in fear of not being heard. I needed to find my voice so I could understand myself within the context of my relationships. Through the process of leaving a suppressed situation, I was able to find true self-expression.

When we struggle through tough times – whether they are personal or global – we feel uncertain and inadequate and our senses are effected. I have been deaf in one ear since I was a child, and I didn’t realise that I was symbolically blinded and muted too… until I was brave enough to change my cages into something new…
I represent this transformation by removing the braided cages of the first three styles and reworking the detail into a crown; the queen has a wing and like an uncaged bird, I freed my sexuality. The feathered wing is a symbol of this freedom and the layers of hair are symbols of the layers I have shed to uncage who I truly am.


Hair: Vicki Lord
Photographer: Lorraine Lucas
MUA: facesbymadi
Models: Meg Lodge & Holly
PR & Designer: Jordan Martin